Business chic – it’s all in the footwear

Corporate careers and in particular office work have the distinction of being somewhat easy on the feet – compared to a lot of workplaces you’ll spend a lot of time sitting down at your desk. Add to this the fact that business fashion and clothing is pretty chic and elegant to start with, means that your footwear can be the perfect way to complete the look.

So on the hunt for a bit of shoe shopping inspiration for your office look? Consider these ideas to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable.

The grown-up trainers

There are few trends that are as prevailingly cool and yet so comfortable as our love of trainers, and luckily there are ways of incorporating this look in a classy way that’s suitable for the office. Forget your blinged out and dazzlingly white trainers – save those for the weekend. Instead pick grown-up trainers in leather or faux-leather in black, grey and brown shades.


Loafers are the closest shoe type you can get to a slipper, whilst still keeping it looking sharp, and especially if you chose a type from a soft material, you really can enjoy superior comfort. Particularly in the summer, these are light and natural enough to keep your feet cool, but will still make your business outfit look put together.

The lace-ups

Nothing says business quite like a pair of sensible lace-up shoes, particularly when they’re well looked after and with a polished shine. And once you’ve found a pair that suit your business style and your foot shape, with care and attention they can last years. Perfect for whatever the weather throws at you during your commute, a smart brown or black pair of lace-up shoes oozes effortless elegance.

Keep your office wear looking tiptop by always remembering to put your best foot forward.


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