Effective ways to reach your customer base

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It doesn’t matter if you are running a well-established company or a start-up – if you are selling something be it goods or services, you are nothing without your customers. They are of course the reason why you do it, so it’s important to your business that you carefully consider them when it comes to how you operate.

Although the world of buying and selling are in principal the same as they’ve always been, the methods that we employ have drastically changed over the years, especially in these days of constant internet connectivity. With more ways than ever to effectively reach your customer base, are you doing everything you can?

Read up below on our handy customer-based marketing tips.

Social media

Nowadays if you’ve got a business, but no social media accounts, then you are definitely in the dwindling minority! Or if you’ve got the accounts, but either leave them practically dormant or sparsely filled, it is time to take a review of what you could and should be doing with them.

Social media is a golden opportunity that enables you to reach your customer base anytime, anywhere. Nearly all of us now have our phones constantly with us, so make the most of this fact. Keep you accounts clean and well curated; use them frequently, but don’t over-saturate them, and be prepared to discover the power of a few well-placed ads. All of your competition will be taking advantage of the bonuses of social media, so it’s time you did too. 

how to get new customers

Word of mouth

Happy, satisfied customers are customers that will keep on coming back, and their good experiences with your business are something that they might just share. Good old word of mouth might be a traditional way of getting your business out there, but thanks to the internet, it has a bigger reach than ever before.

With review sites like Trustpilot letting savvy shoppers check out what other people think of you, if you consistently make the best impression, then it’s something that is bound to get around. If your online customer reviews are looking a bit thin on the ground, you could always offer a money-off voucher for example as an incentive for customers to get rating your business on site. 

Face-to-face direct marketing

Sometimes the more traditional ways of reaching your customers are the best, and there is nothing wrong with a more direct approach to your marketing. Face-to-face marketing can be a fantastic way to get your business out there, and to really engage with your potential customers.

It does of course have to be approached in the right way though, which is why it’s always best to employ a professional marketing company with experience in this area. For instance if you want to encourage more direct interaction and really get your brand out there, why not check out the services that a company like Acwyre can provide for you.  

Great customer relations and a good base don’t just happen, but these are definitely some straight-forward methods that you could employ to benefit your business.



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