Tidy desk, tidy mind

Cleaning and tidying have really come into vogue again thanks to Instagram and bloggers, and it is true that there is nothing quite so satisfying as having a clean and well organised home. And this idea spreads to the workplace too.

Whether you work from home in your own designated study (/spare bedroom), have a cubicle in an office environment, or even work in more modern open-plan office, all too often, desk spaces can be overflowing and super cluttered. This is hardly conducive to concentrating on your work, so one evening, take an hour to de-clutter and tidy your desk.

Filing system

Even if most things these days are in digital form, undoubtedly you will still have random bits of paper floating around, all of which boast some form of important information. If you have a haphazard pile in which you can’t find anything, then you need to invest in a few folders to keep everything neat. Label and sub-label everything so that finding it again is a smooth and quick process.

Keep the knick-knacks to a minimal

If you’re a bit of a magpie when it comes to random bits and pieces, then do try and fight the urge to decorate your desk with them. Sure it’s fine to have a little personality on your desk, but if your coffee cup is perpetually fighting for room with your various knick-knacks, then some of them have to go. A family picture, maybe a small cactus, and that should really just about suffice.

Clean your keyboard

It’s often overlooked, but your keyboard can get seriously grubby, and it is horrible to think of all the germs that could be lurking in it. So once a month, take the time to clean it with suitable spray and cotton buds to really keep it gleaming, and to showcase your office cleanliness.

It doesn’t take much to tidy your desk, so keep on top of it to make your work run more smoothly.


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