Top 5 Packaging and Design Agencies to Watch in 2019

Here we’re taking a look at the top 5 award winning brand and packaging design agencies you can find within the UK.  Each of these packaging and design agencies packs a serious creative punch and easily showcase some of the best talent within the UK.  If you’re looking for some much-needed design inspiration, this is the list for you!


Having won Gold and Silver at the recent PAC Leadership Awards, it’s no surprise that Anthem is on our top 5 agency list.  They are known for their quintessential American design flair and have a worldwide presence.  Both their Nestle Rolo Cone packaging and the work they did for Coca Cola on the lead up to the Beijing Olympics is definitely worth looking at.


We could start by saying just how ‘blooming’ lovely this team is, but it’s probably the pun they intended with the name of their agency.  Bloom is a key driver is brand growth and helps brands to grow and blossom.  This agency isn’t a fan of award season, yet they still have numerous accolades to their name including ‘Best Design and Agency’ from the Diageo Global Marketing Brilliance Awards for the gift pack deign they created for Talisker.


At Pearlfisher the team is passionate about the power of design, as well as the importance it plays in your brand’s overall commercial success.  All of their campaigns and designs have reaped numerous industry awards and their success looks like it’s set to continue.  Having been awarded Golds in nearly all the major international design awards, Pearlfisher is a fantastic example of just how impactful great branding can be.

As well as being a top branding agency, the team at Pearlfisher also offer insightful articles on topical industry news such as Coca-Cola Blak and Green & Blacks repositioning.  With Pearlfisher, it’s all about giving voice to an idea and putting a name to a face.

Holmes & Marchant

With roots sprouting back to the 60’s, Holmes and Marchant remain one of the most well-established design agencies and continue to strive for new and exciting ideas that match their impressive revolutionary first idea; to sell advertising space on classic milk bottles.  With an impressive roster of clients including portfolio pieces for Nestle, Diageo, Unilever and Buxton Water, it’s easy to see why this agency made out top 5 list.


R-Design is an award-winning packaging and branding agency that tries to capture the essence of brand with one clear, simple (and highly creative) solution that seeks to increase levels of brand engagement.  While this may be the mission stamen for every packaging and design agency, R-Design accomplishes this with flair.  This agency is responsible for a large chunk of the fabulous ‘own band’ work for both Selfridges and Tesco, as well as impressive creatives for Speedo and Food Doctor.


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